A San Jose Outdoor Event Venue

Your party started before your guests even reach the gate. The simple, scenic country road that leads up Mount Hamilton to Grandview Farms is an experience in itself, as guests wonder what the curves they’re traveling might reveal at any moment.

“Grandview is a hidden gem in San Jose.”

"The view from the Mt. Hamilton on a clear night is so breathtaking. Driving up the hill builds up the excitement because the view is just amazing!"
Ammie, Sunnyvale, CA

Views of our farm

Your guests may see one of our farm animals roaming the ground. They’ll certainly see the beautiful parcel of earth on which were so many of the delicious ingredient they’ll be enjoying at your event were grown.

Start your event with cocktails and appetizers

Outdoor patio, overlooking our garden beds, is a spot where our love for the land, our fondness for the city in the distance, and our dedication to the pleasure of our guests come together in an especially striking way. Just wait till you see a sunset from that patio.